Most Inspiring Talks of the Productized 2017 Conference

#ProductLifeCycle #BuildMeasureLearn
Lean Product Lifecycle by Rushil Dave
#MVP #Validation #Discovery

A MVP is about building the most critical value proposition to further prove your product idea’s potential and product market fit and shipping it in the best possible quality. It is not about building slimmed down or extremely compromised versions of all your features.

#Design #Culture #SharedOwnership #Holistic #ProductCentricity #Playbook

Iterative design is hypothesis driven — we discover new truth, things, change, and so we do. We try new things. If some things stops being useful, it’s gone. Everything in service of the outcomes. Nothing for it’s own sake.

As much as is reasonable and possible, the continuous design of the product will be a collaborative endeavour. As much as is reasonable + possible the user is involved — or the best proxy we can muster. Everyone takes part in “How might we…”



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